3 Steps to Take Before Graduating to Ensure Career Success


It’s easy to become so involved in your studies that you almost forget graduation is just around the corner. You likely have a few last assignments to complete, and it’s reasonable that these are taking up the vast majority of your time. Plus, you need to say goodbye to all the things you’ll miss about university, including your friends, your favourite hangout spots on campus, and the places you love around the city.

However, you do need to make sure that you’re prepared for life after graduation. Although the hard work will be over soon in one regard, the next chapter of your life is about to begin — and that will bring its own set of challenges. In particular, there are a few things you need to do to find success in this early stage of your career.

1. Let Everyone Know That You’re Graduating

Make sure everyone you know is aware that your graduation date is coming up. Even people you think have no connections in the field you want to enter could surprise you. Tell your extended family, friends, coworkers at your part-time job, manager from your internship, and professors. Also let them know exactly what kind of career you’re looking to pursue. They may be able to put you in contact with the right people for an opportunity that you’d never have found on your own.

2. Start Actively Networking

As well as relying on others, engage in your own networking. Since so much is online these days, there’s no need to travel to in-person events — you can find plenty of opportunities to network virtually. In addition, it’s worth scheduling some one-on-one meetings with people who may be able to give you advice or put you in contact with potential employers. In particular, talk to someone at the job centre at your university, your professors, and faculty members. Remember that you are just one of many students and, unless you make the effort to stay front of mind, even your favourite professors may forget about you.

3. Search for Opportunities on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is like an online resume that anyone can see. Add everyone you know as a connection to expand your network, including all your friends and classmates. They may be able to connect you to someone useful. You may also like to follow companies that you’d like to work for, just to express an interest. Next, fine tune your profile by uploading a professional headshot, a summary of what you’re looking to achieve, and details of your experience — at university and elsewhere. Finally, you could even start searching for jobs to apply for before you graduate.

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