6 Tips for Goal Setting Next Semester


The start of each semester is an opportunity to commit to doing better than ever before. Whereas you could set goals for any aspect of your life, it makes the most sense for your goals to relate to your studies. In particular, here are a few goals you should consider setting.

1. Figure Out Where You Can Best Focus on Your Studies

Whereas many students prefer to study in a quiet place where they can be alone, others find it more motivating to be around other people and to have some background noise. You need to figure out what works best for you. Experiment with several different places this semester.

2. Find a Few Study Spots

Switching up where you study can help you find inspiration and boost your memory. You may like to have one main study spot and just use the others when you need a change of scenery. For instance, you might decide to mostly study at your desk at home but sometimes move to the couch in your living room, go to the campus library, or even sit in the park.

3. Go to All Your Classes

Even if your professors don’t check your attendance, it’s important to stop seeing classes as optional. Skipping class can make understanding the material much harder and there’s always a risk you may misunderstand something. Plus, you’ll lose out on the chance to ask questions, join in discussions, and interact with classmates — all things that can help you learn.

4. Complete the Assigned Readings

Set a goal to stay up to date with assigned readings. This means reading fully — not just skimming — and taking notes. You’ll find you’re able to follow your classes much better if you’ve completed the readings beforehand. Plus, you’ll be able to spend the time leading up to your exams to review material you’ve already covered rather than learning new concepts.

5. Regularly Review Your Notes

Taking notes in class and as you read gives you a record of the most important points. However, if you file away your notes until you come to prepare for a test, you’ll likely find you’ve forgotten a large amount. A better approach is to schedule time each day for reviewing your notes — perhaps also rewriting parts to make them clearer. This will help the information stick in your head, meaning you just need to remind yourself of the fine details before the exam.

6. Stop Procrastinating

Know your priorities for your schoolwork and start with whatever is most urgent. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re being productive as long as you’re doing something of value. In fact, this is the definition of procrastination! If you have an important paper to complete or a test to prepare for, start early. Otherwise, you’ll end up needing to cram or pulling an all-nighter — and your grade will suffer as a result.

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