7 Ways College Students Can Give Back to Their Communities


Attending college changes you as a person in many ways. For instance, it may make you passionate about a cause or help you appreciate the privilege you have of being able to pursue an education. As a result, you may decide you want to give back to your community. The good news is there are multiple ways you can do so. Choose an option that fits around your time constraints, reflects your values, and helps you develop useful skills.

1. Fundraise for a Cause

Fundraising gives you the chance to be creative. Come up with a unique idea to raise money for a cause you care about and ask other students to donate money for your efforts.

2. Volunteer as a Mentor

Sign up for a mentor program where you help a child in your community. Most programs will pair you with someone who needs exactly the kind of support you’re able to provide.

3. Donate Your Belongings

Make a habit of regularly looking through your belongings for things you no longer need or want. Great times to do this include when you’re moving into new student housing and when you return home on a break and are confronted with all the things you left behind. You’ll reduce clutter and give a nonprofit organization items it can sell to gain more funds — it’s a win-win.

4. Spend Your Breaks Volunteering Abroad

Use your breaks productively by searching for programs abroad and volunteering for a few weeks. You should be able to find a cause that matters to you, whether that’s conservation, healthcare, teaching, animal care, or something else. You may also have the chance to gain work experience, practice a foreign language, and meet new people.

5. Paint a Mural in Your Town

If you have artistic skills, you may be able to bring some joy to your community by painting a mural. Ask for permission from your municipal government to find out if this is an option.

6. Grow Vegetables in a Community Garden

There’s a good chance your college town has a community garden open to volunteers. By growing fruits and vegetables, you can supply healthy food to people who may struggle to afford fresh produce.

7. Visit People in Your Community

Reach out to your local senior citizen center, assisted living facility, or children’s hospital to ask about paying the residents or patients a visit. Reading, doing crafts, or just having a conversation could brighten someone’s day.

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