9 Decorating Ideas for Student Apartments


An exciting part of moving into student accommodation is the chance to decorate your apartment however you like. If you’re unsure where to begin, try incorporating some of these ideas.

1. Display Some Photos

Bring a piece of home to your new apartment by decorating with photos of friends and family. You’ll be able to turn to your favourite moments from high school and family vacations whenever you’re feeling homesick. There are several ways to display photos, although top ideas include creating a collage and hanging photos on a clothesline.

2. Soften the Lighting with a Lamp

An overhead light can be too intense in the evenings. For softer lighting, install lamps next to your bed and beside the couch in the living room. It’s best of all to choose one that allows you to adjust the level of brightness.

3. Hang Some Fairy Lights

Another way to improve the lighting in your bedroom or living room is with fairy lights. Hang some strings across one wall to make an accent wall or around your photo collage to make it the centrepiece of the room. You can even find lights that change colour in sync with your music.

4. Buy Some Potted Plants

Plants can instantly add life to your apartment, lifting your mood. Choose low-maintenance plants that won’t die if you forget (or if you’re unable) to water them for several days.

5. Update Your Bedding

Instead of bringing the bedding you have already, treat yourself to some new sheets and a quilt. You can find some in a style you love to welcome you back home in the evenings.

6. Give Your Bed a Headboard

If your bed doesn’t already have a headboard, it may be worth purchasing one. As well as adding to the aesthetics of the room, it will make your bed more comfortable if you want to sit there to read, watch a series, or scroll through social media.

7. Throw Around Some Pillows

Make your bed even more comfy with some more pillows. Choose fun designs that match the style of the rest of the room. Don’t forget to also bring a few pillows for the living room couch.

8. Warm the Floor with an Area Rug

A thick plush rug can make getting out of bed for your early classes more bearable. In the living room, it can give your guests a place to lounge comfortably on the floor. Plus, area rugs come in all kinds of colours and designs, meaning you can find one that matches your style. You could even make your own shag rug using yarn, a latch hook, and a rug canvas.

9. Create Seating with Ottomans

If you want to invite friends over often, it makes sense to have seating. An ottoman is ideal because it doubles up as storage. You can fill it with things like extra bedding, textbooks, or just odds and ends.

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