How to Find the Best Student Housing


Finding the right student housing for you will make a big difference to your experience at college. It will influence how much you spend, whether it’s easy to arrive to classes on time, and what people you meet. Although this is a major decision, you can easily narrow down your options by figuring out what you want from your housing. Here are some considerations to bear in mind as you make your decision.

1. Dorm Room vs Independent Apartment

There are two main types of housing to choose from: a dorm room on campus or an independent apartment, including one in a student housing community.

Living in a dorm means you’ll have a shared room on campus. Whereas this does mean you’ll be close to classes and around other students, you won’t have much privacy, the housing is often noisy, and it’s unlikely you’ll have facilities to prepare your own meals — instead, you’ll need to pay for a meal plan.

In contrast, there are many advantages to renting an independent apartment. For instance, you’ll have your own room, a kitchen where you can cook, and a variety of other facilities you won’t find on campus. The main issue when you start college is you either need to find people to share with or rent a room in a house — which means you may not be around other students. The solution is to live in a student community, where you’ll be paired with roommates. This also means you’ll only be responsible for your own lease. Plus, it’s more likely that the rent will include utilities and furniture.

2. Consider Your Budget

Counterintuitively, it tends to cost less to live in an independent apartment than on campus — even though you’ll have a private bedroom and much more space. To figure out what you can afford, calculate your budget, taking into account expenses like food, bills, and entertainment. If you find a nicer place you can’t quite afford, consider if you have options to increase your income, such as with a part-time job or gig work.

3. Find a Safe Building

If you decide to search for independent apartments, make sure you stick to safe neighbourhoods. You’ll often be carrying many personal belongings with you between campus and your apartment, including a laptop. Neighbourhoods close to campus are likely to be safe, but you should still listen to your gut. In addition, check the security features of the building itself. Do the windows and doors have secure locks? Are there security cameras? How will you access your apartment?

4. What Amenities Do You Want?

Finally, you should consider what kinds of amenities you want your housing to have. You certainly need fast WiFi, but you may also want to have laundry facilities in the building and useful services nearby, such as cafés, restaurants, or a gym. If you’ll be living off campus, you may like to search for an apartment with an en suite bathroom, balcony, or parking.

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