How to Settle on the Right Major for You


When your friends know exactly what they want to study at university, it can feel extra frustrating that you’re unsure what major to choose. This is often the case when you’re passionate about more than one subject or still unclear about what career you want to pursue. Nonetheless, it is possible to narrow down your options and arrive at the right major for you.

Here are some steps to guide you.

1. Consider Your Skills

If you want to be confident you’ll succeed, choosing a major according to your talents is the way to go. In addition to looking at your grades and considering what subjects in high school tend to require the least amount of effort, think about your nonacademic skills and how these could relate to a particular major.

2. Think About Your Interests

Another way to decide what major to choose is by what most closely matches your interests. Although skills and interests often align, this is not always the case. In fact, you may decide it’s worth working harder on something that doesn’t come naturally to you because you’re passionate about it. Bear in mind, though, that there are other ways to include your passions in your life, such as through extracurriculars at university and as a side hustle or hobby after you graduate.

3. Determine How Difficult a Major Is Likely to Be

Your major will likely be easier if it’s something you’re good at and find interesting. However, certain majors are also notorious for being more difficult than others. It’s possible to objectively determine this by considering how many hours of study they require in addition to your classes. Using this metric, the most difficult majors tend to be engineering and architecture whereas the easiest are public relations, communication, and criminal justice.

4. Look at Job Opportunities

What you major in will impact what careers are open to you. Write down a number of careers each major could lead to and research the job prospects. Check what kind of salary you can expect to earn and think about whether the work matches your values and is likely to be rewarding.

5. Decide What Factor Matters Most to You

All the above are important, but it’s impossible to prioritize everything. Decide what matters most to you, whether that’s enjoying your major, knowing you’ll easily be able to succeed, or a high potential to find a job and earn a good salary after you graduate.

6. Talk to Your Academic Advisor

If you’re still unsure what major is right for you, have a discussion with your academic advisor. Your advisor will be able to tell you more about the majors you’re interested in, give you personalized advice, and perhaps even suggest some majors you hadn’t known about that combine the characteristics of a couple you’re considering.

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