How to Start a New Semester Off Right


A new semester is an ideal time for a fresh start. Use the opportunity to develop better habits related to everything from your studies to your social life.

1. Find a Space Where You Can Focus

If you’re attending in-person classes, you need a space to return to at the end of the day for your independent study. If you’re taking online classes, a study space is even more important, as you’ll need to maintain your concentration for long periods of time. The perfect study space is different for everyone. Some people find it motivating to be around others and enjoy spending time in a library or even a café. Others can only concentrate where it’s quiet and prefer to be alone. If you’re unsure where you focus best, take time to experiment with different locations and setups.

2. Improve Your Study Habits

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to studying. Maybe your mind wanders too easily, or maybe you’re prone to leaving schoolwork to the last minute and need to study for hours just to finish in time. Whatever the case is for you, set goals this semester to improve. Setting regular times to study over the week and timing yourself to ensure you take enough (but not too many) breaks can be helpful no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

In addition, keep your mind active when you’re away from your textbooks. You could, for instance, play brain-training games or dedicate more time to reading challenging articles.

3. Learn About the Resources Your School Offers

Most universities have a variety of resources on offer to students — these could be invaluable to your study journey. For example, your school may offer useful workshops to help with particular study skills or be able to connect you with a tutor.

4. Reach Out for Support

Besides your university, you can also rely on informal resources: the people you know. If you ever feel like you’re struggling or just need moral support, there’s no need to feel alone. Many of your family members, friends, and coworkers have already gone through what you’re experiencing. They may be able to offer you advice or just commiserate when times are tough. Plus, they’ll want to celebrate with you when you reach major milestones.

5. Get to Know Others in Your Classes

Forming study groups with classmates is a great way to prepare for exams, check that you understand the material, and just spend time with people who are facing the same challenges as you. Arrive early to class to talk to people or catch them on the way out. If all your classes are online, reach out through chat and ask classmates if they’d like to join a WhatsApp group or have a study session on Zoom.

6. Strike the Right Balance

In addition to studying, you may be working. Plus, you certainly need to maintain an active social life and dedicate time to yourself. It’s important to create a balance among all these responsibilities.

Make sure your employer, friends, and family understand how important your studies are, particularly when an important deadline is looming. However, it’s also crucial you avoid becoming so devoted to your schoolwork that you miss out on other aspects of life. Schedule time to see friends, practice your hobbies, and just relax — you need it!

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