Summer Goals to Set for Students


Summers at university are long, but they can disappear in a flash if you wile away the days, not doing much of anything. Whereas it’s definitely worth spending some time relaxing and recovering from the last semester, you’ll feel much better about how you spent your summer if you set some of the following goals.

1. Master a Skill

Identify a skill that could benefit you after you graduate or that you’ve just always wanted to learn. Dedicate time every day to mastering this skill, perhaps by taking classes or using online tutorials.

2. Enroll in an Online Course

Stay in a learning frame of mind by enrolling in an online course. You can find a number of platforms offering courses for free. They’re great for enriching the material you covered in university, preparing you for a challenging class you’ll be taking next semester, or just expanding your knowledge.

3. Apply for an Internship

Working an internship will give structure to your summer while gaining you some valuable experience, showing you what it would be like to work in a particular field, and teaching your new skills. Plus, an internship is a great way to improve your chances of being hired by the company in the future. You can find numerous opportunities for internships with a quick search online or by talking to the careers services at your university.

4. Volunteer

Dedicate time over the summer to a cause that matters to you. Like an internship, volunteering enhances your resume, but it can be more personally fulfilling.

5. Work Out Your Long-Term Goals

As you progress through university, you’ll likely be able to form a clearer picture of what you want for the future. Decide on some major long-term goals and then work backward to figure out the steps to reach them.

6. Create a Vision Board

Every student should have a vision board in their apartment. Your vision board represents your hopes and dreams. It’s filled with pictures and ideas that motivate you, show you what you want to achieve in life, and remind you of why you need to study hard. If you don’t have a vision board already, spend this summer making one.

7. Check Off Some Books on Your Reading List

Decide how many books you want to read this summer and pick a few from your reading list. It’s best to create a diverse selection to give yourself a balance of reading for pleasure and reading to learn.

8. Find a New Podcast You Love

Listen to new podcasts whenever you have some free time — this could be when you’re cooking, cleaning, driving, or just having a relaxing afternoon scrolling through social media. Keep your search going until you find a podcast you love and will listen to on a regular basis.

9. Adopt a New Hobby

Explore new possibilities for hobbies — perhaps something you have no idea if you’ll enjoy. It’s ideal to pick something you’ll be able to continue when you return to university.

10. Start Freelancing

Earn an income through a side hustle by freelancing. Consider what skills you have and how you could use them to make money. For instance, you could create stock photos, design websites, or become a virtual assistant.

11. Improve Your Online Presence

Go through your social media profiles and delete anything you don’t want anymore — this includes people you’re following as well as posts. Update your profiles with fresh information. Pay particular attention to LinkedIn, as this is what prospective employers will be checking most closely. Make sure you have a professional photo, a compelling summary, and a large network by adding all your university friends and classmates.

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